Asset and investment management
Real estate development
Property management



Development of investment strategies designed to maximize the return on real estate projects provided by Scallier
Investment consulting in the area of ​​resource allocation
Preparation of optimal legal and financial strategies
Establishment and management of special purpose vehicles (SPV)

Our competencies

Analysis of goals and selection of investment strategies enabling the achievement of the assumed results
Thanks to the knowledge of European markets, searching for commercial locations that guarantee a fixed return on capital
Implementation and management of development projects, including concept development, preparation of projects from the formal and legal side, construction, commercialization, management and sales
Building optimal organizational structures to implement the adopted investment strategy
Acquiring financing / refinancing of projects from both local institutions and international entities

Guarantees of success of implemented investments

Experienced team of experts operating on local markets for years
A history of completed projects in various markets
Experience gained on the markets of many countries in the construction of investment vehicles
Current, transparent reporting tailored to the requirements of institutional investors


Defining investment goals

Comprehensive preparation of attractive investment properties (planning as well as formal and legal planning, construction, rental and management of commercial real estate)
Construction, rebuilding or reconstruction of real estate
Excellent knowledge of local markets enabling the search for the best investment opportunities
Building added value for both new real estate and older, existing projects

Our competencies

Creation and implementation of plans in various countries - on selected national markets or the implementation of extensive international expansion
Support for development plans by building employee structures responsible for the implementation of projects on given markets
Proactive management and rental of completed properties

Competitive Advantages of Scallier

Many years of experience in the construction, management, rental, purchase and sale of commercial real estate
A trusted partner cooperating with recognized brands, both retail networks as well as advisors and financial institutions
Implementation of the investment in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and operation in accordance with the ESG strategy adopted by the company
An extensive track record of completed projects: retail parks, small shopping malls and free-standing cretail pavilions


Building commercial real estate value

Real estate finance management
Landlord representation in the rental
Rental management
Project Management
Technical maintenance of the property

Proactive value creation of the project

Operational property management: business analysis and ongoing reporting
Footfall analysis and research on periodic fluctuations in the flow of people
Identification of market opportunities / opportunities to build competitive advantages and increase the value of cash flows generated by the facilities
Building and maintaining relationships with tenants

Our Capabilities

Increasing the attractiveness of retail properties
Optimization of facility operating costs
Excellent relations with retail chains, subcontractors such as: renovation companies, service companies or service providers
Ownership approach - increasing the value of properties by increasing the attractiveness of real estate for tenants and consumers
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