Wojciech Jurga

Wojciech Jurga


As a managing partner Wojciech is focused on business development and day-to-day company management. He is also an experienced investment manager and advises clients on purchase and sales transactions as well as providing consultancy on various projects. Wojciech has been working on the development of businesses in Poland and abroad. Presently, he is developing the chain of Funshop Park retail parks in Romania.

During his professional career he has taken part in:
  • portfolio disposals,
  • new projects developments,
  • complex lease and purchase transactions.
He comes from a background of both developers and agents. After work, his favourite activities include: sports, learning foreign languages and travelling.
Bartosz Nowak_Scallier

Bartosz Nowak


He manages properties as effectively as the whole company. At Scallier he is responsible for:

  • proactive asset management and maximizing value of managed properties,
  • composing and implementing investing strategies for individual and institutional investors,
  • optimizing properties and portfolios of properties,
  • maintaining relations with clients and business partners and other stakeholders,
  • business development.

He has gained experience by managing a portfolio of diverse commercial real estate for private and institutional investors.

He is the author of the well-known in the industry specialist work entitled “Managing Commercial Real Estate” Warsaw, 2014.

Privately, he is a proud father, fan of outdoor activities and wine and beer sommelier.

Adrian Aleman

Adrian Aleman


Adrian coordinates our office in Romania. With years of experience in handing over retail spaces in the best areas possible, his input on every matter is of high value.

His experience comes from his career in a retail company with one of the fastest growth on the market. He selects the best lands for building, he is an expert in negotiations, he manages every aspect of the building process and he hands over the most high quality, best value retail spaces.

Privately, he is the proud father of two beautiful daughters and he likes to spend his free time surrounded by family and friends.


Monika Szulc


She is responsible for commercialisation of premises and ensuring proper tenant-mix. She closely cooperates with leading retailers in order to find a common denominator between the expectations of the tenants and of landlords. She effectively negotiates lease contracts and skilfully formulates provisions and clauses. She makes sure that the real estate portfolio is always filled with tenants and generates expected profits.

She also analyses new locations for investments and advises on their profitability. She prepares advertising folders of commercial premises. Throughout her career, she has dealt with lease and sale of residential, office and commercial real estate, where she has become a specialist.

Privately, she enjoys long bike rides, and recently, she has been discovering the charms of long-distance running.

Livius Vlasin

Livius Vlasin


Livius is our Construction Project Manager for Romania. Graduated construction engineering, having more than 10 years of tracking records in construction, Livius represents Scallier in connection with general constructors, architectural offices and consulting companies, so our vision of quality and concept can be implemented as faithful as possible.

Outside business hours, he loves to do sport like lifting weights and he is very passionate about travelling, discovering new places, people and cultures.


Łukasz Bieżyński


His daily tasks include regular technical service of properties, ensuring good communication with tenants and efficient cooperation with subcontractors.

He is a graduate of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn in real estate management and financial consulting. He has been present in the field of management for 9 years. He has the property manager and real estate agent state licences.

Sports, and most importantly team games, are his passion and favourite way of spending free time. He enjoys reading criminal stories and is interested in politics and geography.


Ilona Marcinkowska-Słoma


Ilona coordinates the works of the company with regard to property management. Her tasks include handling bank accounts, dealing with matters related to insurance of the managed properties as well as drawing up the budget and dealing with financials. She cooperates with accounting and prepares numerous reports for the board.

As far as investments are concerned, she is responsible for coordinating transactions and preparing real estate for sale. Her duties also include performing financial and economic analyses which allow estimating the profitability of investments.

She spends her free time exploring topics of social guidance and on sports which give an adrenaline rush.


Julia Rybicka


Her tasks include administration of leasing contracts, making of financial settlements with regard to lease, service charges, utility fees and issuance of invoices. She closely cooperates with the accounting and draws up reports of activities carried out.

She graduated in Law and Administration from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She loves music and active lifestyle. She spends most of her time on walks and at the gym.

Beatrice Grecu

Beatrice Grecu


She is responsible for the administration of leasing contracts, participating in the commercialisation of premises and lease negotiation, communicating with tenants, dealing with matters related to property management and financial management. She closely cooperates with accounting, banks and property managers.

In her free time, she is a proud mom and a passionate book reader.

Denisa Birlan

Denisa Bîrlan


Denisa is dealing with technical drawings related to our activity in Romania. Her tasks include developing project proposals, modifying existing commercial layouts to satisfy both the tenants and the landlord needs and dealing with situation plans.

In her free time, she trains for sports competitions and loves art.

Livia Romaniuc

Livia Romaniuc


Livia is responsible for dealing with administrative and accounting matters related to our company's activity in Romania. Her duties include administration of contracts and company documents, managing bank accounts and invoices, making payments and closely cooperating with partners.

Outside working hours she enjoys going to the gym and dancing.

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We invite following types of investors to join our investment programs:

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  • Individual investors willing to commit their equity to passive, well organized investment vehicles.
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Our business is as good as our market knowledge. This is why we take special care not only to be up to date on the markets we are active, but to shape them as one of their key players. We have been dealing with complex transactions on the retail market for years, we have a success proven leasing team and a reliable property management department. Our scope of interest doesn’t change: retail parks, standalone supermarkets, regional shopping centers.
Each day we invest and manage our clients’ money, therefore integral and transparent operating procedures are always first and foremost for us.
We know that the market rates us only basing on our achievements and precision of our opinions, so we only take on well thought out actions, and when we act, we do it effectively.
Thanks to a structure free of a corporate corset, our team works quickly and can adapt in every possible aspect to the tasks placed before them and so can we be flexible to our investors’ demands.