Excellent return on investment

At Scallier we invest in retail properties at every stage of a property project. We provide a wide range of opportunities. We run project that base on land acquisition and development as well as value add investments. Our focus is always on convenience retail, regional shopping centres, retail parks and standalone supermarkets.

Our property portfolios are tailor made for expectations and risk levels of our investors. We run various projects for mid and long term investment. With us is every option open.

Scallier = knowledge + efficiency

We have gained broad experience in retail over the years. We believe that specialization matters and this is why we don’t reach out to other markets. We prefer to stay focused on the same market all the time, especially that keeping up with the changes in today’s retail industry requires constant learning and a global view. Trends and solutions have no borders and investors need to be aware of all of them, just as we are. This is what makes our organization so effective an dynamic,


76 years

of market experience for key Scallier executives

Information is the key to success
Scallier is the best source of it

Investor gain information and market knowledge that we use together for a dynamic development of our portfolios. We help to spot the best options and real possibilities for investment that no one else has yet identified. We use them in the very best moment.

Our work is efficient, because we have a holistic approach to it. We care for every aspect of investment using in-house solutions for management, cost optimization, leasing, valuation and market research. Collected market data and close relations to all market players have a crucial role in our decision making processes.