Broadening horizons

Our job is to create opportunities. We see them at every stage of a project and we are not afraid of making changes. We have been repositioning properties, reconstructing portfolios, adding value by undertaking major construction changes, maximizing revenues by changing tenants and finding new and additional income sources for existing space. Every such an activity is a complex project that undergoes detailed supervision and coordination covering all aspects of a real estate – from technical issues, legal, taxes, valuation to leasing, marketing and sales. We adapt retail space to the changing environment.

We take action to ensure increasing income flows by:

  • Repositioning – changing tenants structure, propety placement and marketing strategy,
  • Introducing new trends – as retail is changing worldwide and merging with the virtual world we help to be the avant-garde of the changes by introducing new IoT, customer service and new-tech solutions to retail properties,
  • Enabeling dynamic tenant changes – having numerous channels of information and contacts we chose the best option for leased project,
  • Succesfully negotiating leasing contracts – that fulfil the investors’ expectations,
  • Taking a full service approachs to complex project.