Purchase / Sales Brokerage

We know how effectively purchase and sell propeties. We can source potential partners for acquisition or find an off market property to buy. Because of being an active player for so many years, we are well connected to all other players and connections combined with information make best transactions. We provide international money to local developers selling their projects and for global investors we are their local experts.

We understand what is important

Scallier has been acting as an agent for many years. We have brokered deals for private investors, foreign investment funds, sold plots of land, portfolios, standalone buildings, retail parks and high-street units to every kind of investor. We understand different approaches to investment depending on the goals, strategies, risk levels and expectations. We follow our clients’ directions thoroughly and succeed in finalizing transactions.

Our experts provide detailed information on the market – on its actual deals, future trends showing opportunities and possible threats. We say that the only constant thing on the market is change. So we need to gather information all the time and adapt to constantly changing situation. Without all the info investors would have to bet blind.

Leasing of development retail projects

We act as an exclusive leasing agent providing full service leasing for development projects.
Our scope of works includes and consists of:

  • Our works starts once the plot of land is acquired/secured by the investor. At this point we advise on the concept and architectural design,
  • Tennant mix is planning, layout and units’ specifications,
  • Optimizing space to maximize profits, tenants turnovers, to get the most of the planned layouts,
  • Sourcing and presenting offers to chosen tenants is backed by work of best in class marketing experts,
  • Negotiations of business conditions and coordination of legal negotiations,
  • Optimizing leases for future effective property management


We provide:

  • Complex approach to the leasing process,
  • Workable solutions implemented by experienced Scallier professionals,
  • Reliable tenants that will contribute to the success of your project,
  • Securing pre-leases for the safety of your investment.


Leasing Services

We offer leasing services for retail development projects as well as for existing buildings, acting as exclusive agent representing the landlord. To conclude a good lease is to know the market well enough to be sure that the desired tenant will be generating satisfactory profits from the offered location and will pay for this opportunity a fair price. Only in this case – by generating a win-win situation – we speak of a successful leasing.

Our professional and successful leasing team provides best class leases that are crucial value ingredient for every property investment. Every lease generates income and is the basis for valuation and final price in case of sale, this is why every investor should take a special approach and have deep interest in who and how helps him to get the best tenants on best conditions.