Leasing services

We say that each real estate is only as good as its lease.

At Scallier we know what a good, effective lease is. We know that income from real estate lease is for its owners a key indicator of the efficiency of an investment. And while a good lease is not only high rent, our clear objective is to provide investors profit from leased units. We comprehensively manage leased units, rent free-standing and single commercial units on main streets, as well as rent retail parks and shopping malls, and we commercialize and re-commercialize retail buildings. Everything we do leads to the profit maximization of our clients.

Our actions translate into an increase in real estate value.

We know from experience that a good lease is a continuous observation of the property’s position in terms of market requirements and appropriate moves to ensure legal security, business continuity, and market lease rates. Our actions lead to an increase in the value of investments and help owners get a satisfactory price at the time of sale. Lease value plays an equally important role in making a decision to purchase real estate, when we help investors to objectively evaluate the possibility of leasing in the indicated location, optimize operations and lease agreements for profit maximization or perform a thorough re-commercialisation of the building.

For global investors we are a local expert.

We provide local owners with international tenants.

Retail chains know that scallier.comways has an interesting offer.

We understand business objectives and needs of each party involved in the lease.

We have been operating in Poland for years. We work for private investors and large investment funds, for owners that already own real estate and those just planning to build or purchase units. We have broad knowledge of the local market, and because we conduct a lot of projects targeted at the same groups of tenants, we are an attractive partner for them to cooperate with. Our experts provide clients with detailed information on current trends and analysis of coming changes. The market is constantly changing, sometimes abruptly, so it is natural for us to make clients aware of these changes – we help to get a better feel for the market and support them in rapidly responding to trends that may be crucial to investor profit.

We take care of investor legal security the same way as we do their profit

There are many potential pitfalls worth knowing about before signing a contract. That is why we provide our clients with high quality legal services, provided by highly skilled professionals who have worked with both tenants and landlords. A good lease is not just about a high rent.

A detailed description of the services

Our dedicated team comprehensively deals with lease management. We optimize the composition of tenants in the managed building, monitor the course of contracts and their execution. Negotiate contract extensions with existing tenants and obtain new ones.

We constantly work to seek out the best possible income opportunities.

  • We analyse various sectors and specific tenants (their condition, development plans), so the properties managed by us always responds to the constantly changing needs of the market.
  • We keep an eye on when contracts are ending and undertake negotiations in advance so as to prevent the formation of empty space.
  • We generate additional revenue from the lease of common space (hallways, parking lots, etc.) and everything that can maximize the investor's profit.


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Monika Szulc

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