Project management

We ensure effective and timely implementation of projects

At Scallier we comprehensively conduct diverse projects related to commercial real estate, allowing investors to focus on work in other areas. Thanks to years of experience we are able to fully understand the client’s needs and project objectives, and our competences allow us to deal with effective execution completely. Our commitment to the project and always adopting the investor’s views, guarantees client satisfaction with execution time, maintaining optimal costs and maximum profit.

We have proven ourselves at every stage of complex projects

There are many issues involved in project management services. We have participated at every stage of investment projects, ranging from the purchase of land, to the sale of developed real estate. Investors can be assured that Scallier’s experts cope well with the management of even the most complex and demanding tasks.

We manage investment projects. We coordinate tenants. We provide investor supervision. We manage costs. We work comprehensively and effectively, and investors can rest assured about the results.

We are not afraid of challenges, we have the right qualities and skills

Clients trust our qualifications. We have all the necessary features to ensure the highest standard of project management services. The organization of our work is based on multi-tasking, thanks to which Scallier’s experts gain knowledge in many areas and always see the project in a wide, real perspective. We effectively manage time, are characterized by an extremely thorough approach to work, have organizational skills and the necessary leadership charisma.

A detailed description of the services

At Scallier we conduct investment projects from the stage of investment budget preparation after participation in the transfer of units to tenants. As a result, the investor receives the finished product, whose quality meets their expectations 100 percent.

  • We prepare and implement the client approved investment budget
  • We represent investors at authorities and institutions within the granted power of attorney
  • We choose the architectural studio based on the submitted offer, negotiate a contract for the design work, and fully supervise its implementation;
  • We carry out tender procedures in the selection of contractors, negotiate contracts, and sign contracts;
  • We select an investor supervision inspector, sign the contract, and provide supervision over its execution;
  • We work with contractors, supervise the realization of the construction, participate in the handover stage, and final acceptance and transfer of the property to use
  • We coordinate the work of the architectural studio;
  • We participate in the transfer of premises to tenants

In commercial buildings we cooperate with tenants during the construction and arrangement of their units. We deal with this comprehensively, from the moment the tenant signs the lease agreement, to openinig of the shop to customers.

As part of design work:

  • We optimize designs of units in terms of the current market requirements of tenants
  • Together with the investor’s architectural studio we develop layouts and attachments to lease contracts
  • We prepare templates for necessary documents and attachments
  • We negotiate business conditions with the tenants
  • We supervise the fulfilment of contractual obligations by tenants
  • We collect project documentation from tenants and conduct their careful verification.
  • We handover units to tenants and exercise supervision over work carried out in the premises by the tenantsWe receive units from tenants according to previously developed procedures
  • We provide investors with full subcontractor and operational documentation, preparing the final investment settlements

When necessary, we provide professional and comprehensive investor’s supervision during construction. Out of concern for the interests of investors and the success of the whole project, we care about the quality of work performed.

  • We represent the investor on the construction site
  • We provide control functions, verifying compliance of the construction project with the project, building permit, the relevant regulations and standards
  • We perform the construction work handover
  • We control the project settlement

Scallier's experts are specialists in optimization and keeping costs at a level satisfactory to the investor. In the course of an entire investment project all activities, works and contracts are subject to our strict control. We help reducing costs, while maintaining maximum quality of work. We provide transparency and access to reports.

  • We know the market rates and verify all offers from contractors and service providers
  • We ensure compliance with payment schedules
  • We continuously monitor costs, conduct and control staged and final project settlements
  • We make objective evaluations of any works, including additional ones that emerge during the investment process
  • We optimize all contracts in terms of costs, prepare documents, and provide legal services
  • We quickly and adequately respond to any changes in the market and prices, always having the investor's prosperity in mind

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Managing Partner

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