Investment advisory

Approach: we are investor success oriented

At Scallier we provide professional consulting services based on our many years of market experience. We know that investors operating in real estate markets need reliable partners who are not looking solely through the prism of their own income and are not going to cut corners at the expense of investment security. Solid, that is perfectly oriented and operating efficiently in a given market. Our consultants work alongside the client, optimizing each transaction so that it is maximally attractive from the point of view of the investor’s portfolio. Only when thanks to our help they achieve their intended goals, we talk about success.

Clients appreciate our knowledge and efficiency

We believe that only a consulting company’s knowledge and market experience can guarantee investors that their expected earnings prospects are real and, even more importantly, achievable. Therefore an unquestionable advantage of Scallier’s investment consulting services is in­depth knowledge of the area in which we operate. Over the years we have specialized in comprehensive services for standalone retail buildings, local shopping centres, retail parks, and shopping galleries. Market knowledge and operational efficiency have always distinguished Scallier and over the years have contributed to its dynamic development. We always offer the investor an honest, market­based, and objective approach that they very much value.

If information is every investor’s treasure, then Scallier’s wide range of services, provided for a specific area of the market, can be compared to a real mine of invaluable data.

We are a priceless source of information for investors

We help investors, who thanks to us have access to information, to see real investment opportunities and take advantage of them at the most appropriate time. We advise effectively, because we are practitioners. We are engaged in, among others, property management, their commercialization or lease management. We provide investors with always current data, which plays a key role in making the right decision. We discover market trends and know the rates and expectations of tenants. Each day we work both with major retail chains and local retailers, enabling us to take an even more comprehensive look at the market area of interest to the investor.

Buying and selling ­ we help on each side of the transaction

An honest, realistic approach and knowledge of the market, combined with the operational efficiency and transactional experience, build client confidence in Scallier’s advisors.

We have already proved ourselves in many fields of action. Over the past years, we have gained extensive experience in conducting transactions on both the buyer and seller sides. We have experience in real estate portfolio optimization and sales, buying and selling of standalone properties, highstreet shops, selling of strip malls and shopping centres.

All consulting in the context of 1 team with broad competences

Thanks to an honest team dedicated to the company’s mission and values, we provide investors with secure transactions subject to minimal risk. Our highly qualified experts are ready to provide comprehensive services ranging from due diligence through detailed financial analysis, providing secure financing, objective estimation of the value of a real estate, to providing professional technical expertise.

When money gets invested, it is good to put it in the hands of professionals, who will look after its security and stable growth.

It is even better when all these experts form one, specialist team ready to deal with every aspect of the investment ­ comprehensively – this is how we advice as Scallier.

A detailed description of the services

We advise in both individual transactions, as well as build investment portfolios according to relevant assumptions. We comprehensively represent investors throughout the process of buying real estate, starting from the search for it, after making the transaction. We always remain objective, bearing in mind the best interests of the client.

When conducting the real estate purchase process, we take the following steps:

  • We search for real estate corresponding to the aim of the investment
  • We present various options supported by the analyses of our experts, and considering the client's investment preferences, his willingness to take risks, the time period in which s/he wants to invest and chosen investment strategy, we help make the right decision
  • We prepare socio­economic analyses for each location
  • We negotiate on behalf of the investor the best transaction price and terms.
  • We provide opinions on the tenants, quality of leases, we carry out real estate technical and legal audits.
  • We provide clear recommendations ­ buy or no.

For investors, which depend solely on selected services from the whole purchasing process, we dedicate specialized consulting services, such as:

  • Preparation of advisory opinions for the boards of companies and private investors, which support the decision process
  • Preparation of an investment feasibility study
  • Preparation of separate technical and legal research before real estate purchase

When there is a need for comprehensive representation of a party selling a single property or an entire portfolio, you can always count on the professionalism of Scallier advisers. We know the market and prices, and industry relationships make it easier for us to conduct many sales transactions.

  • Knowing market demand, we effectively get an offer to the buyer, from individual private investors to the largest investment funds.
  • We ensure promotion of the real estate both among domestic investors and numerous foreign real estate entities.
  • We present real estate for sale at key trade fairs, conferences, and events concerning the commercial real estate market in Poland and Europe.
  • We prepare effective marketing materials and promote real estate for sale by harnessing new technologies.
  • We prepare investment memoranda and papers on the real estate for sale.
  • We organize auctions.

We know how, we know how much it is worth, and, what is most important, we know who to sell it to.
This is what clients require from Scallier advisors.

Sometimes when buying or selling real estate you only need a reliable intermediary, which we also are. At Scallier we effectively bring two parties together and lead them to a transaction.

The effectiveness of our mediation services due, in part, to always basing on the current real estate market and many contacts to potential buyers and sellers. We are an important link between investors, retail chains, and entrepreneurs. In carrying out the service we are always on the client’s side, ensuring maximum optimization of benefits from the transaction and its safe execution.


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Managing Partner

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