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At Scallier we are engaged in comprehensive services for retail properties in Poland.  We offer our clients a wide range of services tailored to their individual needs. We offer investment advisory, property management and leasing, perform objective valuations, and oversee investment projects from beginning to the end.

We work for individual, private and institutional investors from around the world, always placing first and foremost the profit, comfort and safety of their investments. Over the years we have specialized in standalone buildings, retail parks, and local shopping centres sectors. We are real experts in this area, and both investors and partners value our market opinion.

A fair and long-term approach as well as invaluable knowledge about the market and operational efficiency is the foundation on which client trust for Scallier services rests. We manage their real estate worth hundreds of millions of Polish zloty.



Wojciech Jurga

Managing Partner

As a managing partner he is focused on Scallier’s business development and daily management of the company. He is also an experienced investment manager and advises clients on purchase or sale transactions, and also acts as a consultant in various projects.

In the course of his professional career, he has repeatedly participated in real estate sales and purchases, the development of new projects, and in comprehensive leasing and purchase transactions. His experience combines the skills gained in both development and investment firms as well as with real estate agency.

In his free time he plays sports, travels, and learns foreign languages.


Bartosz Nowak

Managing Partner

He manages real estate as effectively as the entire company. At Scallier he is responsible for the development of long-term asset management strategies and client projects, ensuring every last detail is taken care of. He leads the real estate and property management team.

He gained his experience managing a diverse portfolio of commercial properties for private investors. He is the co-author of the well-known in the industry, specialist work titled “Managing Commercial Real Estate” Warsaw, 2014.

Privately he is a proud father, snowboarder, and beer sommelier

Karolina Szóstak

Karolina Szóstak

Transaction Coordinator

In Scallier she co-creates the Investment Department as the Coordinator of Trades relating to real estate sales preparations and transactions. Her responsibilities include the preparation of documents, presentations, real estate deals, as well as the financial and economic analysis which allow for investment profitability assessment. Furthermore, she coordinates the entire investment process leading to the conclusion thereof, paying particular attention to the interest of the client.

She takes great pride in her work, because she believes it is difficult to find another industry combining business, legal and constructional knowledge in such an interdisciplinary way,

A graduate of the University of Economics in Poznan; the knowledge she acquired during her studies gave her a good foundation to excel in her current position.

She is passionate about active lifestyle – she likes running, cycling and working out at the gym. She is an aid football fan and a lover of all sports.

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Anna Jurga

Office Director

She has worked at Scallier since 2011. She is the closest aide of Management and supervises the Human Resources, manages marketing and company`s finance.

She likes photography and is passionate about the customs and events of the Polish communist period.

Monika Szulc

Monika Szulc

Leasing Manager

At Scallier she is responsible for the commercialization of buildings and ensures they have the proper tenant-mix. Working closely with the property management department, she ensures that properties are always filled with tenants and yield expected profits.

She also deals with the analysis of new investment locations. She develops advertising leaflets for commercial buildings. During her career she dealt with the lease and sale of residential, office, and commercial real estates, in which she has become a specialist.

Piotr Mazur

Piotr Mazur

Property Manager

His daily challenge is to find solutions to all technical and organizational problems at real estates serviced by Scallier. You can often find him “in the field”, because he maintains direct contact with facility services and service technicians.

He has been working in the real estate industry since 2010, and brings to the team his iron regularity, accuracy and “versatility”.

After work he works on improving his IT skills, hikes mountains, enjoys sports, and plays with his grandchildren.


Tomasz Piasecki

Property Manager

In Scallier, responsible for managing customers’ real estates, collaboration with tenants and supervising the work of companies providing services for real estates.

The graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, and also of the University of Science and Technology in Cracow (specialization: Facility Management). His hitherto professional experience was completed with studies at the College of North West London (field of study: Mechanical Manufacturing).

Employed in the technical industry since 2001. He commenced his career with working for such chains as Adam’s Mark Hotel, Hilton, Wyndham, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Cairn Hotel Group and Accor. In 2014, as the Technical Director at Cracow Airport (Balice), he played a crucial role in opening the hotel facility ‘Hilton Garden Inn’ in the pre-opening period. The experience he has acquired is reflected in his high level of performance as a Real Estate Administrator.

For a long time, he was a school and higher education teacher as well, and also trained Olympic Taekwondo. Currently, he is still involved in the latter field, with a lot of penchant, but no longer as a professional.

Ilona Marcinkowska-Słoma

Ilona Marcinkowska-Słoma

Property Management Coordinator

Her role is primarily to coordinate the entire Management Department. Her tasks are mainly the service of bank accounts and matters related to buildings insurance, as well as properties bookkeeping. Aside from that, she works with the accounting offices of our clients and prepares reports on financial matters of the properties.

When given some time to spare, she is chooses sports giving her the thrill of adrenaline. She likes to delve into the secrets of psychology and hairdressing, too.

Małgorzata Hałupka

Małgorzata Hałupka

Payroll and Administration Specialist

Her focus is on financial service of the properties. Her tasks include keeping in touch with the tenants, accounting and billing thereof, debt-collecting, and keeping the budgets of the properties. Simultaneously, she works closely with the Clients Accounting Department.

She enjoys active leisure like cycling and hiking. Besides that, she is also interested in theater, film, and politics.

Julia Rybicka

Julia Rybicka


She is at the first line of contact between the company and our clients, welcoming our guests and answering any questions they might have. She is also responsible for the office support and representation of the company externally. Among her main strengths you will find great communication, multitasking skills, and excellent workflow organization.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.
She loves music and active lifestyle. Most of her time is spent on walking and keeping fit at the gym. She is interested in fashion and visage. Due to her roots, Far East seems closer.

Anna Zielińska

Anna Zielińska

Administration Specialist

The person responsible for the daily administrative work – her main responsibilities include organizing office matters , record keeping, data archiving and processing, and updating both traditional and electronic databases.

She is a reliable, conscientious employee, committed to performing her tasks well. In her spare time, she is a music lover, a kids entertainer, but above all – a fulfilled mother.

Vision and Mission


For private and institutional investors we are committed to be the market leader in the field of retail real estate services in Poland


Our mission is to provide the client with services that result in a stable increase in the value of their investment




Each day we invest and manage the properties entrusted to us by our clients, therefore integral and transparent operating procedures are always first and foremost for us.



Being aware that the market rates us only through the prism of our achievements and precision of our opinions, we only take on well thought out actions, and when we act, we do it effectively



Thanks to a structure free of a corporate corset, our team works quickly and can adapt in every possible aspect to the tasks placed before them

Scallier in numbers:

We have units for lease in all 16 provinces

Our portfolio of managed properties increased in the last 12 months by 22%.

We work on real estate located in 35 cities

While overseeing the management of real estate for our clients we travel over 15,000 km a month

At present we are commercializing emerging new retail space with a total size of more than 25,000m2


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