Projekt Parku Handlowego w Kościanie przy ul. Poznańskiej

In February 2018, construction of a modern retail park in Kościan, Wielkopolska Province has begun.

The land for the investment is situated at the entrance to the town, in the vicinity of the planned Poznań East – Wrocław S5 express road, close to the exit from the road by the Kościan North interchange, and will lead through the connector to the town centre. After the express road is accepted for use, the area of the investment will be frequently attended by inhabitants of Kościan and the neighbouring communes.

The project consisting of two buidlings with the total lease area of 4 thousand m2 will be located at Poznańska street, in a direct proximity to a Biedronka supermarket. The project will be completed as a typical retail park with large windows. Access to each shop will be available from a pedestrian passage which neighbours a lit car park with 101 parking spaces.

- The retail park is a response to the needs of inhabitants of Kościan, including the neighbouring district and the nearby towns and villages, for whom Kościan is the primary commercial centre. At present, there are no bigger multi-tenant modern properties in Kościan, and the said scheme will bridge this market gap

– Bartosz Nowak, Managing Partner of Scallier who oversees the commercialisation process, said.

Scallier is an investment and asset manager specializing in retail properties. The company was set up in 2011 and manages retail parks, regional shopping centres and standalone properties. To its clients belong both private and institutional investors.