Management vom verstreuten Handelsimmobilienportfolio

In Scallier we believe that effective management of commercial real estate is a key factor in building their value. In our company, we are focused on the processes of real estate management and building lasting relationships with tenants. Managing commercial real estate we work together with the customer which allows for flexible adaptation to their needs.

Due to this Limited Liability Company Scallier has been selected by one of the private investors for the manager of several of their retail properties. These are the objects with a total area of 6904 sq m, located in seven Polish voivodeships. Taking the management of a commercial real estate portfolio, our company simultaneously took full responsibility for the comprehensive services which are provided by acting strictly on behalf of the owner. Thus we relieved the investor’s burden with an array of duties by giving him the guarantee of professional services conducted according to the highest standards. In this case, our Management Department is responsible for an extremely wide scope of activities:

1. Finances

  • settlement of invoices for utilities and reinvoicing tenants
  • invoicing rent to tenants
  • recovery of overdue receivables and service of our customer’s bank accounts for real estate services
  • preparation, monitoring and implementation of the real estate budget
  • handling the insurance and tax paperwork

2. Technical and administrative matters

  • archiving paper and digital documents
  • Buildiig Object Book (known as KOB in Poland) keeping as well as current technical documentation of the objects according to applicable laws
  • commissioning and overseeing the implementation of mandatory periodic inspections
  • supervision of companies performing work on the property
  • ordering and controlling needed repairs and maintenance as th appear
  • cooperation with utilities suppliers and their technical customer service
  • contact and cooperation with UTD

3. Contact with tenants

  • on-going contact and cooperation with the tenant in the implementation of their commitments resulting from lease agreements
  • solving current issues reported by the tenant and related to the property management
  • negotiating and signing any new lease agreements
  • re-leasing premises in the case of tenant change

4. Reporting

  • financial reports relating to income from: rent; additional charges and re-invoicing of the utilities as well as the costs incurred by the owner and maintenance costs broken down into operational and marketing costs
  • keeping up-to-date rent-roll in terms of lease agreements
  • reporting the current situation and promptly presenting the picture of what is happening in the objects directly to the owner

Scallier took the responsibility of aforementioned private investor real estate management beginning with the inspection of each property, reading the documentation for each of them, then preparation of the concept of management, up to the final protocols of transfer and receiving. Long-term cooperation with our client allows us to deserve their trust and act as a reliable expert at their side at all times. We can proudly state we serve many clients in such manner.