Kommerzialisierung: Projekt – Einkaufspark Kęty

Scallier was chosen as the agency exclusively renting for the commercial investment in Kety – a city located in southern part of Poland, with a population of approximately 20.000 people, neighbouring the city of Oswiecim where wartime Aushwitz camp can be found.

An investor holding the area of 21991 square meters on Zwirki and Wigury Street turned to our company with the order to present the most efficient and profitable development of aforementioned area.

The foundation of our consulting services is the meticulousness and great understanding of investor’s vision, so we backed the opinion on the location and its potential with hard data. After checking the Local Area Development Plan and conducting a detailed market analysis of retail and service in Kety and within its 30-kilometers radius, it was decided to allocate the land for commercial purposes. Accurate calculations and the prepared budget has convinced the investor that creating a modern trade park here is a feasible idea.

1. The land conditions allowed for the design of an investment consisting of the two one-storey commercial buildings. Initially, the project was to be implemented in stages, but due to the efficiency of the commercialization process the decision was made to put both buildings to use simultaneously. The concept of investment involves the introduction of approx. 7 thousand square meters of modern lease space in Kety.

2. Work on the commercialization started with creating a catalogue advertising the trade park with its visualizations – it was meant to become the essential tool for bidding.

3. In Scallier we are first and foremost concerned with securing the interests of our client. The company’s activities should lead to client’s increased safety, which is ensured by a well-written lease agreement signed by the chain tenants. Armed with the knowledge of the local trade-service market, we were able to select, at an early stage of the project, tenants who will certainly be interested in premises in the newly planned facility and whose brands will give due weight to the investment.

4. We reckon there are two factors important for an effective lease, namely a high rent and the tenancy agreement conditions. That is why the next step in the trade park commercialization was negotiating the content of those documents.

5. In our company we are aware that the trade parks market requires the participation of well-known provider of food products, therefore we have provided an international rental party of Intermarche to our local investor. We also encouraged other providers to participate in the project from brands dealing with retail of such product categories as: home appliances and electronic gadgets, fitness, clothing, non-food, footwear, DIY and cosmetics.

6. The progress of commercialization, which ran according to schedule (as illustrated by the regular reports), resulted in the start of construction of a trade park. The opening is planned for August 2017.