Project Management

Limited Liability Company Scallier led an investment project on the site the customer, from the preparation stage of the investment budget to participation in the transfer of the object to the tenant. As a result, the investor received a ready-to-go investment which generates monthly income. Our actions are aimed at creating and implementing strategies that allow our customers to maximize the value of the property, and thus the return on investment.

  1. Project management began with an examination of commercial and technical possibilities of the plot followed by a detailed analysis of the retail and service market for the given location.
  2. The area conditions allowed for the formulation of property investment of the commercial usage on approximately 1100 square meters of usable space.
  1. Soon after, the rental agreement was signed – it contained a condition to deliver a ready-to-go object for a large chin of food products provider.
  2. Any administrative procedures as well as the very process of construction was overseen by Scallier until the transfer of the object to the tenant.

Our commitment to the project guaranteed customer satisfaction with the execution time, maintaining optimal cost and maximum profit, which in turn resulted in the acquisition of the property in management.