Vermittlung im Verkauf von Handelsimmobilien

Limited liability company Scallier led to the conclusion of the purchase of a real estate called “Bursztynowy Skwer” (“Amber Square”), located in Kruszwica on Zamkowa Street. Kruszwica is a city with a population of 10.000, located South of Inowrocław, in cetral Poland. During the trnsaction our company represented solely the buying party. Bursztynowy Skwer is a building with a usable area of 1733 sq m, situated on a plot of 0.6938 hectare, in which the main tenants are Mila Market, Pepco, Rossmann and several other brands. Such Tenant Mix ensures high demand among customers and thus the success of the investment.

We start the process of buying a property with consulting the choice of an appropriate location to then determine investment opportunities and concentrate on the process of Due Diligence. Thanks to our centered approach, experience and knowledge of local markets, we are able to offer a customer service of the highest quality.
A proven system of intermediation in sale and purchase transactions of commercial real estate has provided professional approach to the investor and their individual requirements for investment preferences, prices, the implementation process leading to the completion of the transaction. During the purchase of the real estate we accompanied our client at every stage

  1. Among the offers in our database, the building in Kruszwica suited the objectives of the investor the most.
  2. Return on investment and payback on invested capital is every buyer’s priority. Therefore, a comprehensive economic analysis was prepared for the potential buyer taking rent revenues, operating costs, profitability, interest rate and payback period into account. The documents of the real estate and the veracity of data contained therein have been verified by the our experts.
  3. The next step was to assess the quality of leases in the Kruszwica facility for: tenants quality, long life of the contract , rent and service fees, duties of the landowner as well as the issue of conveyance and sublease agreements.
  1. A detailed plan of the operating budget for the analyzed real estate in the coming year was also made, so as the investor could be aware of all the costs associated with the operation of the facility.
  2. After reviewing the analysis of the discussed real estate, the investor – via Scallier – made the owner an offer to purchase Bursztynowy Skwer Shopping Centre, offering the simplest solution, that is Asset Deal.
  1. Subsequently, negotiations started with the aim of reaching an agreement on the price and establishing business conditions.
  2. A Non-Disclosure Agreement was signed as an important part of the process.
  3. Next, a Letter of Intent was agreed upon and signed by both parties.
  1. In order to familiarize investors with the technical condition of the building, a Technical Due Diligence of real estate was commissioned via Scallier, which was then verified by our experienced technical specialists. Apart from the said analysis, a Legal Due Diligence was necessary which was undertaken by a solicitor working with our company. He positively approved the analyzed property.
  2. After a positive opinion followed by the investor maintaining the will of the acquisition of Bursztynowy Skwer Shopping Centre in Kruszwica, the transaction was completed by signing the Transfer Agreement.
  3. The last step was to transfer the real estate and documentation thereof with a handover protocol to the new owner. On the basis of power of attorney granted to these activities, Scallier conducted them a the Property Manager Limited Liability Company Scallier.

Scallier bearing in mind the interest of the customer at all times, represented the investor in a complex manner throughout the entire purchase process Bursztynowy Skwer in Kruszwica from the presentation of the offer to the participation in the final act of transfer of ownership.

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