Scallier finished the process of changes in the managed retail property in Świdnik near Lublin, by which changes the building at Kard. S. Wyszyński Street has a new tenant on the whole floor.

On 24 March, a leasing agreement for the area of 800 m2 with the 24seven Fitness chain, which has its clubs in Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Thailand and Columbia, was concluded.

Furthermore, the Biedronka supermarket, which has run its shop in the facility for more than 10 years, had its premises on the ground floor renovated, achieving the newest standard of the design and equipment of the shop.

Scallier has been responsible for comprehensive management of the real estate in Świdnik since its purchase by a private investor.

Scallier is an investment and asset manager specializing in retail properties. The company was set up in 2011 and manages retail parks, regional shopping centres and standalone properties. To its clients belong both private and institutional investors.